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Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Degree 2021

Online Bachelors in Business Administration Degree:

Students who earn online bachelor’s in business administration (BBA) degrees can pursue positions in management and finance. Bachelor-level business administration degrees meet the minimum education requirement for most business jobs, though graduates interested in executive positions may need to earn MBAs.

Online Bachelor's in Business Administration DegreeOnline Bachelors in Business

Online business degrees help students develop the skills needed for management careers. Employers consistently rank marketing, sales, and business analytics — all of which are included in BBA core requirements — among the most desirable job skills. Online business degrees also typically offer management, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship concentrations.

What Is the Difference Between a BBA, BSBA, and BABA?

Students pursuing online bachelor’s degrees in business administration can choose from three types of degrees: BBA, bachelor of science in business administration (BSBA), or a bachelor of arts in business administration (BABA).

BBA programs typically focus on business and management principles, while BSBA programs emphasize technical business skills, covering mathematics, statistics, and science. BABA programs balance foundational business courses with more general liberal arts courses. All three degrees can lead to successful business careers.

Choosing an Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Program

There are several factors you should consider when choosing between online business administration degrees. First, make sure your potential program is an accredited online business degree; without accreditation, your degree might not be recognized by employers or graduate schools.

Online Bachelor’s in Business

Next, check that the program offers concentrations that suit your unique goals and career aspirations, while still using a learning format that works for your schedule. Schools typically offer a variety of concentrations and enrollment options for online business degrees. You can learn more about common considerations for distance learners at the links below.

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