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An Online degree in educational psychology 2021

An online degree in educational psychology

I f you are reading this chapter, you are most likely beginning a course in Online degree educational psychology that is part of a teacher-training program. Like most people in your position, you are likely to be asking yourself two questions: ● “Exactly what is educational psychology?” ● “Why do I need to study educational psychology?” The answers to these questions are related and complex.


Leadership and the Search for Meaning

This chapter begins with brief answers. The remainder of the chapter clarifies and elaborates those answers. However, you should keep in mind that this first chapter is only the beginning of an explanation and that the entire book is, to a certain extent, an attempt to help you answer these questions.

Before proceeding with Chapter 1, be sure you read the Close-ups on the Classroom features about Maria Lucero and Jeffrey Larkin. At various points in the chapter, you will revisit both teachers in their classrooms and follow their decision-making progress. Their classroom experiences are closely integrated with the key concepts of this chapter and serve as important models for understanding Educational Psychology.

What Is Online Degree Educational Psychology?

What is educational psychology? An exact answer to this question depends on whom you ask. However, for the purposes of this book,online educational psychology is defined as that branch of psychology that is concerned with the study of the mental processes and behaviors associated with human learning and instruction.

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Educational psychologists ask questions about the nature of learners and learning, the characteristics of effective teaching, and how the nature of classrooms affects learning. Educational psychologists study a wide range of phenomena associated with learning, both in the laboratory and in the classroom. Over the last thirty years, however, educational psychologists’ interest in classroom learning has increased dramatically.

A review of research reported in recent issues of the Journal of Educational Psychology reveals the breadth of questions investigated by educational psychologists. In 1999, the Journal of Educational Psychology reported the results of studies investigating the teaching and learning of writing (four studies), mathematics and problem solving (eight studies), and reading (fifteen studies).

In addition, some studies investigated questions about the effects of technology on learning, individual student differences affecting school achievement, and the effects of social influences on students. When educational psychologists ask questions about learning, they apply the methods of science, careful observation, and rational analysis to answer their questions.

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The answers to their questions are used to formulate and assess theories that teachers use in their decision-making. Teaching is a complex activity, and effective teaching requires a complex set of knowledge and skills. These characteristics have been organized into various sets of standards that are used by many states in the certification of teachers.

An Online degree in educational psychology is best for you.


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