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How to Find a Google Job Online 2021

How to Find a Google Job Online

Finding a Google job online opens you up to a large range of positions and opportunities. The Google Jobs are found online more up-to-date than traditional classifieds. They also include possibilities across the country and overseas. It is easier and cheaper to submit your paperwork without postage and stationery, plus you receive a much quicker response than through snail mail.

How to Find a Google Job Online
How to Find a Google Job Online

Of course, applying for a job online is very popular. You have to do everything you can to rise above the competition. Here are a few tips to give you the inside edge on your job search.

  • Polish your resume. You want employers to know that you are interested in the exact position they are offering. Do your due diligent on the job and the company so you can reflect your knowledge in the resume. Use keywords matching the job description to sprinkle throughout your resume. This is important in the digital world where software programs scan your resume before a hiring manager scans your resume. Also, don’t apply for every position a company offers. Check their website and apply only for one position at a time. Write a personalized cover letter that clearly states your value based on the qualifications. Target a position and focus on quality over quantity. To increase your passive search, make small tweaks to your online resume everyday. This will keep your resume on the top of the recruiters search results.
  • Stay front and center. If you avoid social media to keep your private life private, think again. Job seekers without a presence online are invisible to recruiters. Like it or not, hey will Google you. A lack of information online can actually look suspicious. You should start with at least a LinkedIn profile. It is the most mature social network available. As the number one social media network for recruiters, you are shooting yourself in the foot without an account. It is also a good idea to give life to your resume with a digital portfolio. Set up a blog that includes your portfolio, videos of speaking engagements and articles. You can even submit a video resume to YouTube to tastefully convince an employer you are right for the job.
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  • Safeguard your online reputation. Now that you have an online presence, keep it clean. The majority of hiring managers are influenced by what they find about a candidate online – professionally and private. Keep your Facebook page squeaky clean. Your circle is a reflection on you. So, don’t participate in any online groups that could potentially embarrass you. If you have damaging information that pops up on Google, you can’t remove it. But, you can bury it. By answering questions on forums and creating daily blog posts your positive content will rise to the top.
  • Go straight to the source. Don’t wait for a job to be posted on the popular job boards. Instead, check Hoover and other business databases to find companies on your industry. Go to their websites and check the “Career,” “Employment,” or “Google Jobs” links. If these links are not listed, call the company and ask where they post their job openings. They will be more than happy to give you the url or direct you to the outside website where the postings are listed.


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